If you are looking for the top airdrops of this week, here are some of the campaigns you should check out this January.

IDEX is the first Ethereum based decentralized smart contract exchange to support real-time trading and high transaction throughput.IDEX

End date: 7 January

Estimated value: N/A

IDEX is the first decentralized exchange that was built using an Ethereum smart contract, having the capabilities of conducting real-time trading, high transactional volume, limit and market orders, gas-free cancels, and multi-trade functionality.

In addition to a smart contract, IDEX also comprises a trading engine and a transaction processing arbiter. The smart contract stores all the traded assets and settles all the orders in an efficient manner.

Participation steps:

  • Go to the IDEX Airdrop Page;
  • Click “Enter for Free;”
  • Send your email address and sign up;
  • Have your email verified;
  • Users will receive $100k in testnet funds. They will have to trade against the top crypto markets to increase their balance. The portfolio that will have the highest value equivalent in USD wins;
  • Users can get up to 50% added to their staking balance by referring more users to the…

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Source: https://thebitcoinnews.com/top-airdrops-this-week-6-12-january-2020/