In the world of cryptocurrencies, tokens, and assets, there will always be some new trends worth keeping an eye on. As of right now, the focus has seemingly shifted to Initial Exchange Offerings, or IEOs. It is an interesting business model, although interested participants have to take a few precautions prior to becoming eligible for these offerings.

Register and Verify Your Exchange Account

As normal as it may seem, some people assume an Initial Exchange Offering will not necessarily require an exchange account to be properly verified. That is often far from the case, although there may be some exceptions along the way. Anyone who is interested in IEOs should ensure their exchange account is verified as quickly as possible, simply to avoid not being eligible for participation. Most of these exchanges also require verification to unlock higher trading volumes, after all.

Not all offerings are Legitimate

Even though the Initial Exchange Offering business model is designed to weed out potential scams, there is no such…

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