A lot of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects try to remain relevant. EOS has been an interesting case in this regard. It receives a lot of flack for allegedly being too decentralized. Recent statistics show there are plenty of block producers to go around. The following entities have all produced the most blocks on this network to date. 


It is evident that EOS’ block validation and production is very different from how Bitcoin and Ethereum operate. EOS Cannon positions itself as a leading global EOS community focused on ecological and cultural development. It is the #6 block producer for EOS, with 3,162,279 blocks produced to date. This represents 4.203% of the grand total. 


For those unfamiliar with EOSLaoMao, this initiative primarily focuses on maintaining a stable and fair network node capable of producing blocks. They are also in the process of building different dApps and smart contracts for users to take advantage of. To this date, this community has produced 3,290,130 blocks, which…

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Source: https://themerkle.com/top-6-eos-block-producers-in-2019/