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To be a trendsetter in any industry means to be the most revolutionary in the way of thinking. That’s why an emerging trend always implies a change, sometimes a very radical one. Not to miss a moment when a trend drives the next revolution, we need to be aware of them. Well, let’s get down to the point.

#1 STO

2017 was a year of ICO. According to Google Trends statistics, the interest to ICO started to rise in June of 2017, reaching it’s highest point on 7-13 January of 2018. Since that time, there was no hype about ICOs in the crypto community. Lots of scams worth billions made ICO a high-risk type of investment.

Thereafter STO replaced ICO. Blockchain is a high technology and can benefit the financial market in many ways. People only need to think of reliable infrastructure to make the most of it. Blockchain is decentralized and is available in any part of the world at any time. STO opens up new doors to more investors globally to invest in early-stage innovative companies. If implemented efficiently, security token…

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