Most people like to compare Bitcoin’s market cap to other financial markets. Company valuations, the price of gold, everything is compared to Bitcoin sooner or later. The following media franchises all have a total revenue which is lower compared to Bitcoin’s market cap. Do keep in mind this is not intended to be derogatory toward these franchises. This article was written when Bitcoin had a market cap of $95.5 billion.

Star Wars – Estimated at $65 billion

Most people alive on the planet today are familiar with Star Wars. The movie franchise spawned many books, a few TV shows, video games, and tons of merchandise. All factors combined attribute to the estimated $65bn in total revenue generated by this media franchise. Interestingly enough, the merchandise sales vastly outperform the box office, home video, video games, book sales, and TV revenue combined.  Considering how Star Wars is still an ongoing franchise, its total revenue will undoubtedly continue to climb, but it is likely Bitcoin’s market cap will too.

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