5 Reasons Crypto Is Ahead of The Market

Now that we are finally primed for a new bull market after two years of crypto winter, what’s the best way to prepare for those gains? Let’s take a look at 5 need to know tips to make sure you’re not singing the crypto blues.

1. Always get your funds off the crypto exchange after you’ve finished trading
Exchanges are notoriously insecure, whether they get hacked, mismanage user funds, exit scam, or pull a surprise shotgun AML/KYC to seize your funds, you’re always at risk with your funds on the exchange. There are very valid reasons why “Not your keys, not your Bitcoin” is a mantra among traders and hodlers. Many traders have been cleaned out by hacks, unethical exchanges, and exit scams.
With surprise AML/KYC seizure, it may be possible to recover funds, if you don’t mind doxxing yourself, but some platforms simply…

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