Top 5 Crypto Christmas Presents 2019

With 12 days to go until Christmas, the countdown is officially on! Check out these top crypto goodies that any self-respecting crypto HODLer wants to find in their stocking.

1. Cryptotag Zeus – Starter Kit

What do you get for the crypto HODLer who has everything this Christmas? The chance to engrave his (or her) 24-seed back up phrases on to high-grade titanium metal plates, of course.

CRYPTOTAG Bitcoinist Review

You could argue that paper works equally well for jotting down a recovery phrase. But in the event of a house fire or similar catastrophe, your Cryptotag Zeus Starter Kit won’t let you down. The plates are resistant to heats of up to 1,670 degrees centigrade/3050 Fahrenheit–and they’re even bullet-proof.

Dot-punching your phrases onto Titanium plates is also a surprisingly satisfying feeling. It’s probably something that every crypto HODLer…

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