Top 5 Crazy Crypto Events of 2019

2019 was marked by numerous events in the crypto industry, some of which could be considered quite significant and major fails.

With 2019 being only 6 days away from its conclusion, it might be interesting to take a look back on this year, and see which events related to the crypto industry may stand out.

Without further ado, here are our top 5 picks for some of the crazy crypto-related fails in 2019.

1) Justin Sun’s crypto lunch with Warren Buffet

Earlier this year, there was a charity that featured lunch with the legendary investor of Wall Street, Warren Buffet, as one of the rewards for donations. The lunch with a famous businessman was won by the TRON CEO, Justin Sun, with a bid of $4.5 million.

Sun’s goal was to talk to Buffet about crypto and try to convince him that cryptos are good for the future. Unfortunately, the lunch had…

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