While the mass media warn people not to buy Bitcoin, the number one cryptocurrency just blasted through its 2019 ATH. The number of google searches for Bitcoin is skyrocketing again as well, especially in these five countries.

1. Nigeria

Any glance at Local Bitcoins trends around the world will quickly show you that BTC has a perfect use case in countries with galloping inflation and dubious governments. Venezuela, Turkey, Kenya, and Nigeria have all started to become aware of ways to shield their wealth from devaluation by buying Bitcoin.

It may be volatile, but even a drop of over 80 percent in a year is nothing compared to Venezuela’s 95 percent in 24 hours or Nigeria’s unpredictable sudden drops.

It’s also relatively easy to pay for things in Bitcoin in Nigeria with plenty of options for its citizens including traditional e-commerce chains.

Finally, the Blockchain Conference Nigeria in Lagos on April 5 could have bumped up those searches, too. Then again, it could just be the fact that savvy Nigerians are gearing up…

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Source: https://thebitcoinnews.com/top-5-countries-where-google-searches-for-bitcoin-just-tripled/