Top 4 Reasons why Crypto Scams Remain Successful in 2019

Over the past few years, a fair few things have changed in the cryptocurrency industry. Currencies have come and gone, as have projects, blockchains, and noteworthy figures. One trend which will always remain is the cryptocurrency scam, in many different shapes and forms. One might start to wonder why such ventures remain so successful even in 2019, albeit a viable explanation is not hard to find.

The Clever Impersonation Scheme

While no one in this world should effectively be “influenced” by anyone when it comes to various cryptocurrencies, it seems these individuals tend to captivate a large audience. That doesn’t mean one shouldn’t pay attention to what individual X, Y, or Z is saying, but their opinions should never be taken to heart at face value. This is especially true when they are promoting a project or cryptocurrency, as those are often paid-for posts.

Scammers now all too well notorious industry individuals will attract a lot of attention. This is also why there are so many impersonators trying to trick…

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