The crypto space exploded in 2017, spreading awareness about digital coins around the world. But, even so, there are still a lot of false assumptions and myths about digital currencies that managed to stick around thanks to mainstream media.

People often tend to believe what they read, especially if the source is a big, trusted media website. They end up believing in false facts, without bothering to check their legitimacy, which leads to creating an entirely false image. As for the media sources, they may have run the false myth out of their own lack of knowledge, or maybe for an even simpler reason — to get page views.

Either way, the myths can be damaging to the emerging crypto industry, and those believing them might miss out on some major opportunities. Here are three of them which could end up costing you an entire fortune.

1. Bitcoin is not real money

This is a rather big misconception in regards to BTC, as many skeptics tend to claim that it is not real money. But, if we take a look at what makes money — money, it…

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