In the world of cryptocurrencies, tokens, and digital assets, there will always be top markets which tend to get more attention. That situation is no different in 2019 and will probably remain the same for a long while to come. Below are the top cryptocurrencies to keep an eye on, although all markets can offer something of value to the right people.

The Undisputed King Bitcoin

Regardless of what some people may claim, all markets stand or fall with Bitcoin. It is a fact which simply cannot be denied, no matter how hard people may try. Some experts hope to see cryptocurrencies, tokens, and assets decouple in 2019 and beyond. It would certainly make things more interesting, but making it happen is a major challenge. For now, Bitcoin will continue to lead the dance, with no other market coming even close.

The Usual Suspects (ETH – XRP – LTC – XLM)

Even though the market cap rankings of Ethereum and XRP have flipped around a bit, it seems Ethereum has firmly reclaimed the number 2 spot at this time. Both projects still…

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