Coronavirus-driven lockdowns and social distancing limits affect people’s way of entertaining themselves, such as going to karaoke. In South Korea, that activity is too popular, and despite the COVID-19 outbreak, the crypto industry is trying to capitalize on it.

Somesing: A Blockchain-Based Karaoke App

Per Fn News, Somesing, a blockchain-based karaoke app, already hit the 400,000 users’ milestone. The figure is significant, considering that it’s doubling the user base (195,000) for the last six months.

Karaoke’s hobby is like the norm in several Asian countries, and the coronavirus pandemic knocked down this sector heavily.

In fact, according to figures published by local media, at least 2,137 “noraebang” businesses had to shut down across South Korea since the outbreak started. The number is the lowest level ever recorded, stated the Shopping Center Information Research Institute.

“Noraebang” is the Korean name given to…

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