There’s a wide array of on- and offchain signals that can be used as indicators by cryptocurrency traders. When combined, they paint a detailed picture of the current state of the markets, and suggest which way they may move next. Token Analyst is a service that focuses on exchange inflows and outflows, in a bid to determine which way the money is moving.

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Follow the Flow of Cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency markets exist in a constant state of flux, which can make it hard to cut through the noise and identity the important trading signals. Token Analyst is a market monitoring tool that takes a different approach to the usual Coinmarketcap clones. Rather than focusing on digital asset prices, it’s more concerned with their onchain movements to and from major exchanges such as Binance, Bitfinex, and Bitstamp.

Token Analyst Monitors Exchange Inflows to Help Predict Market Movements

The platform reveals the net change in BTC and ETH over a 24-hour period for each platform, and also offers a subscription-based service for more serious…

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