Instantly verifiable, unhackable and forever retrievable are some of the key features of information stored on a blockchain. These are also the characteristics that traders of various assets, commodities and currencies would appreciate when it comes to the price data they are using. The team behind the Blitz Ticker project have decided that’s exactly what they need, too.

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Blitz Ticker Offers Current Price Data for Cryptocurrencies

Blitz Tickdata is a platform that aims to become the world’s first rate publisher on blockchain. It tracks crypto, forex, and bullion prices and distributes rates each second onto a P2P network. The service has been operating in testing mode for some time and Blitz has promised its users a beta version but they already have plenty of information available on their website.

Ticker Tool Uses the BCH Blockchain to Provide Reliable Rate Data

The ticker tool provides current and historical data about the price of bitcoin core in U.S. dollars and the rates of other leading cryptocurrencies against BTC, including bitcoin cash (

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