Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Every week can’t be a good week. After a month of almost exclusively green weeks, we finally saw a pullback in the market. After reaching a peak of about $144B on Saturday, the market cap steeply fell and is currently flatlining at just over $130.7B. This drop leaves us with around a three percent market decline since last Friday. Not great but not terrible, either.

Cryptocurrency Market Stats (3/1/19)

A few altcoins remained entirely unaffected by the market. The Ontology (ONT) price moved 15.68%, Basic Attention Token (BAT) rose 20.15%, and Enjin Coin (ENJ) nearly doubled (98.52%) in price on rumors that the project has partnered with Samsung for the Galaxy S10’s crypto wallet. As for our top three:

Bitcoin fell 2.89% this week but is up about 11 percent in February.

Ethereum took a hit with a 7.71% loss this week.

XRP stayed about the same, shaving only 0.61% off its price.

Domestic Cryptocurrency News

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