Choo Choo!

All aboard the train to the moon! This week carried over the momentum from the impressive end-of-the-week rally last Friday. The total cryptocurrency market cap grew steadily from $120.5B to $135B throughout the seven days – about a 12 percent gain.

Cryptocurrency Market Stats (2/22/19)

Almost every altcoin was in the green this week with several hitting double-digit growth. EOS (38.68%), Maker (24.36%), and Vechain (24.51%) were some of the best performers. Looking at our top three:

Bitcoin showed out with a 10.04% rise on the week, touching the $4,000 mark.

Ethereum led the pack, gaining 20.84% to get back around $150.

XRP, although it had the least growth, still rose a respectable 6.60%. The price currently sits around $0.32.  

Domestic Cryptocurrency News

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