Bitcoin Wants to Pump…You Up!

The good times keep on rollin’ in. The market was fairly quiet this week. Well, quiet until late Monday when it rocketed up more than 10 percent overnight. And this pump wasn’t followed by a dump, either. The total market cap continued to climb through the remainder of the week, finishing over 22 percent higher than last Friday.

Cryptocurrency Market Stats (4/5/19)

If you were an altcoin without double-digit growth this week, you were doing something wrong. Out of the top 100 coins (excluding stable coins), only three coins were in the red over the last seven days. How about our three leaders, though?

Bitcoin, most likely the catalyst for this rally, surged ahead 22.56%. It now sits above $5,000.

Ethereum was close behind with a 17.19% gain. Its price is now comfortably above $160.

XRP came in at third, jumping up 16.83%. The price is floating right around $0.35.

Domestic Cryptocurrency News

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