Well, it was looking like a great week until the New York State Attorney General (NYSAG) filed a lawsuit against Bitfinex. BUT, that doesn’t matter much as the cryptocurrency industry seems to be increasing week after week without a feeling of inevitable bloodshed that laced the bear market of 2018. 

Bitcoin grew to about $5,637, later falling to $5,277 after the news of New York State Attorney General (NYSAG) filing a lawsuit against Bitfinex. However, Bitcoin only lost about .2% for the week.

The rest of the cryptocurrency market experienced a bit more drastic of a bloodletting: Ethereum (10.26%), XRP (11.44%), Bitcoin Cash (12.15%)

A few gems in the Top 100 rubble included CasinoCoin (56%) and MonaCoin (43%).

Cryptocurrency News of the Week

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Source: https://thebitcoinnews.com/this-week-in-cryptocurrency-april-26th-2019/