On March 18, Portuguese programmer Cláudio Gil revealed the launch of an old 80s video game that uses Bitcoin Cash-based Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) tokens for interactive play. The Lode Runner SLP version is a port of the classic 1983 puzzle-oriented action game that allows people to play using the Badger wallet and non-fungible SLP coins called LVL.

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Lode Runner and SLP Tokens

Token creation on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network has been prolific lately as BCH supporters have been minting a wide variety of SLP-based tokens. The majority of the SLP tokens have been made for fun and people have been sharing the coins with friends. This week, software developer Cláudio Gil took the SLP concept to another level by integrating SLP tokens with the classic 2D video game Lode Runner.

This Version of Lode Runner Is Fueled by BCH-Powered SLP Tokens

Playing entails using the Badger wallet to choose a level and send LVL tokens. Users can also play via the Electron Cash SLP version by sending LVL to the token…

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