Boltz, a new lightning network based bitcoin exchange, has officially launched and won’t ask for your personal information. What’s more, it also allows for swapping bitcoin and litecoin using LN or cross-atomic chain swaps. 

Financial Sovereignty Uber Alles

Trading shouldn’t require an account.

So claims the tagline of new instant, account free, and non-custodial digital asset exchange, Boltz. Well that’s three for three so far. And as you may already have guessed from the name, it also plays nice with Lightning Network.

But ‘Account Free’ cryptocurrency exchanges are nothing new, I hear you say. That’s right, but we are at risk of them becoming exactly the opposite – consigned to history. On the website, Boltz specifically calls out ShapeShift for its about-turn on data-collection last year. While introducing membership as a requested ‘feature’, it conceded that it was soon to be mandatory… and that it ‘sucked’.

Boltz points out that by creating an account on a KYC’ed custodial exchange:

you are…

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