A bizarre infrastructure funding proposal for Bitcoin’s foremost offshoot, BCH has landed it the ‘centralized crypto’ label from the community.

Bitcoin Cash Mining Tax
A controversial funding proposal from the CEO of the largest BCH mining pool has raised concerns of centralization among the wider crypto community.
Jiang Zhuoer, boss of the BTC.TOP mining pool, has suggested that 12.5% of Bitcoin Cash coinbase block rewards should be redirected into a development fund.
The fund is a Hong Kong corporation that has been set up to legally accept and disperse funds which would be used to pay for development contributions to full node implementations as well as other critical infrastructure according to the blog post.
The proposal is to implement this plan into Bitcoin Cash’s protocol upgrade in mid-May. It would receive around 112.5 BCH per day which is about 20,588 BCH over the six months. At today’s prices, the fund would receive just under $7 million in total though the post estimated it at $300 per BCH which is $6 million or so.

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Source: https://thebitcoinnews.com/this-bitcoin-forks-funding-proposal-is-drawing-serious-criticism/