Preserving your online privacy has become almost a lost cause these days. Thankfully, some entrepreneurial minds have taken it upon themselves to help web users stay informed of privacy risks and take action to thwart attempts to access their personal data. Guard is a platform which is doing exactly that.

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Reading the User Agreement

Everyone has multiple online accounts, and most of us are worried about their digital personality being targeted by data collectors and marketing researchers. But we are also guilty of compromising our own security as very few people actually read the small print when subscribing to a service.

The people behind Guard have analyzed the privacy policies of major social networks, forums, and messengers, including some of those that are widely used by the crypto community. Their quest has produced some interesting and helpful results.

This AI Platform Identifies Privacy Threats in Social Networks and Messengers

The developers have examined the user agreements many of us have with platforms such as Twitter,…

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