With the ETH 2.0 upgrade still months, if not years, from a full launch, third-generation blockchain protocols are quickly racing up to dethrone Ethereum as the “go-to” hub for dapps and defi.

Blockchain Metamorphosis to Catalyze Future Defi Growth

Although many people may only be discovering it recently, blockchain technology has been around long enough to have moved on from first to second, and now third-generation protocols.

The first-gen blockchain started with Bitcoin, a proposed alternative to the hegemony of centralized financial services. It laid the foundation for a decentralized financial ecosystem, but the Bitcoin network offered limited functionalities, required immense computational power to operate, and suffered from a severe lack of interoperability.

This led to the emergence of Ethereum in 2015, marking the dawn of the second generation of blockchain protocols. As Vitalik Buterin introduced the smart contract functionality on the blockchain, it sparked a paradigm shift that enabled cryptocurrencies to…

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Source: https://news.bitcoin.com/third-generation-blockchains-will-pick-up-defi-slack-left-by-ethereum/