The number of stores that accept cryptocurrencies such as BTC and BCH is growing. But while such stores will accept bitcoin alongside existing fiat payments, a handful operate in reverse. These online shops are bitcoin only and they’ve no intention of accepting fiat currency – ever.

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Your Filthy Fiat’s No Good Here

In a world where everyone used bitcoin, shopping would be much more private. There’d be no risk of card fraud, no credit scores, payment blacklisting, or geo-restrictions. We don’t inhabit that world, however, and probably never will. For bitcoiners curious as to what such a system would resemble, however, there’s a number of online stores that are proudly bitcoin only – and many more that accept BTC and BCH alongside fiat options. Here you can buy all manner of goods and services, but don’t bother reaching for your credit card at checkout. At these discerning stores, everything’s billed in satoshis.

These Online Stores Are Bitcoin Only

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