Recently, a few Bitcoin Cash (BCH) proponents have been writing a series of myth-busting articles that describe Bitcoin technicals generally thought to be true but which are not. The articles posted on the blog have reviewed topics like 10-minute confirmation times, SPV wallets, PoW energy usage, and rising network fees.

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Bitcoin Myth-Busters

BCH supporters have been participating in an editorial series called “Mythbusting” that aims to dispel wrong information about the Bitcoin protocol that’s been articulated by sophists throughout the crypto community over the last decade. The articles have been posted to the BCH-centric blogging site and translated into Spanish so the topics can gather a wider audience.

These Myth-Busting Articles Dispel Common Bitcoin Myths

BCH Fees Won’t Rise Like BTC Because the BCH Network Is Not Artificially Constrained by a 1MB Limit

One article called “Mythbusting: BCH fees would also be high with increased usage” written by Mr. Zwets explains how a lot of people…

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