Officially, Cosmos atoms have yet to reach a cryptocurrency exchange, and until the Cosmos network votes to approve their listing, atoms aren’t tradable anywhere. Unofficially, you can buy and sell Cosmos tokens on half a dozen exchanges already, where the spot prices differ wildly. Welcome to the world of cryptocurrency derivatives, where futures markets can be found for scores of unreleased tokens.

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Monfex Launches Telegram Crypto Derivatives

Monfex is the latest platform to offer leveraged futures on Telegram’s tokens, known as grams. The trading platform, founded in 2018 by Alexander Nekritin, follows on the heels of Xena in offering leveraged Telegram futures. Up to 50x leverage is available on Monfex (2x in the case of grams), which has latched onto the significant interest in the Telegram Open Network (TON). With 200 million users to tap into, expectations are high for widespread adoption of gram tokens from day one.

These Cryptocurrency Exchanges Offer Futures Markets on Unreleased Tokens

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