It’s a mega year for mega tech IPOs.

Messaging platform Slack filed to go public Friday, and Uber priced it’s massive offering the same day. Earlier in April, Lyft, Pinterest and Zoom all went public, and AirBnB and Palantir are expected to debut later this year. According to Renaissance Capital, it could be a record breaking year for IPOs in general, potentially even surpassing the dot-com boom years. “We think it is possible that 2019 could prove to be a record year for capital raised in the IPO market, at over $100 billion in issuance, exceeding the amounts raised in 1999 and 2000,” said Kathleen Smith, principal at Renaissance. Below, we looked at the ten largest U.S. IPOs of all time, and how they’ve fared since going public. Interesting, only one of this year’s offerings is slated to make the top ten (can you guess which?)

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