Enjoying a personalised service is rated high amongst consumers whether that is paying for home insurance online or being able to pay by mobile casino UK, consumers like to be informed, and in turn their choices and decisions become more personalised.

For instance, when playing at an online casino, which bonuses to opt into or which new game are on offer all matter. Information counts and getting that information to the consumer in such a way that is easily understood is vital.

Today, most know a certain amount about Bitcoin, whether that has been gleaned off the internet or read in the daily newspapers, but it is still surprising just how many consumers still do not realise how beneficial it is, especially in today’s social climate where divulging personal details is frowned upon by many.

Just like paying for your online casino games using your monthly phone contract or pay-as-you-go-account, Bitcoin releases consumers from the worry of identity fraud and other, online crimes.

Bitcoin provides a decentralised way to pay…

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