The new Theranos documentary saw billionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper become the latest Bitcoin figure to take the cryptocurrency to mainstream consumer culture – accidentally.

A Different Type Of Bitcoin Pump

Draper, who is known within the cryptocurrency industry as an advocate of both Bitcoin and his major investment project Tezos, appeared in an HBO documentary about failed Silicon Valley startup Theranos wearing a Bitcoin tie.

Something of a habit for Draper, the tie features multiple Bitcoin ‘logos’ – or depictions of physical coins – on a conspicuous purple background.

The investor has worn it on multiple occasions, both in public and while speaking to mainstream media.

This time, however, the tie appeared to take on a life of its own, with reactions from outside crypto – from formal media and on social platforms – honing in on Draper’s choice of attire.

So, too, did familiar names such as CoinShares CSO Meltem Demirors, who like many other seemed confused about why Draper had chosen the Theranos…

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