The Top Cryptocurrency 24-Hour Gainers on LBank | by LBank Exchange | LBank | Jul, 2022

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The Top Cryptocurrency 24-Hour Gainers on LBank

The general cryptocurrency market is still gradually recovering from the impact of the crash triggered by Terra (Luna) last month and the increasing inflation fears globally.

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $21k while Ethereum sells at $1.4k on LBank. On the other hand, altcoins have seen more gains in the last 24 hours as BTC struggles to regain momentum.

Even more, some of the following tokens have registered a price rise of almost 100 per cent. SDT, NPR, VEX, WOOP and POND are some of the biggest gainers on the trading platform.

Sports Data Token (SDT) is currently having an increase of more than 9885.00% in past hours. SDT is the native token of ISDA (International Sports Data Alliance), which provides more opportunities for youth athletes and amateurs by applying sports data analysis.

Another top gainer on the top crypto exchange is Nipperture (NPR). The token gained 8899.94% within a 24-hour timeframe and is currently trading at $44.9997.

Nipperture tokenizes beach real estate products and sells them in the form of an asset token. The sale of the property is entrusted to the buyers of the Nipperture property token, and the sale will proceed automatically if the promised return is achieved at the time of purchase.

Top cryptocurrency Gainers on LBank

Similarly, the price of Velorex (VEX) jumped by 26.83% in 24 hours, trading at $0.003933. Velorex is a Europe-based decentralised finance and technology company that provides hardware and software solutions to manage crypto and fiat currency.

The next big gainer on the list is Metasocial Network’s token, WOOP, which is a Decentralised Social Network where all posts are converted into NFTs directly. WOOP trades at $0.0246 and has garnered over 21.78% in the past 24 hours on LBank.

Lastly, Marlin (POND) presently sells at $0.015298, representing a rise in the price of 21.22%. POND is an open protocol that provides high-performance programmable network infrastructure for DeFi and Web 3.0 and Web 3.0.

Most importantly, it is worthy to note that the impressive performance of these tokens relates to the fact that LBank, in the past few years, has grown exponentially to become the Bitcoin and altcoin hub of the space.

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