Nearly three weeks ago, a mysterious website and Twitter feed appeared, promising a ‘live reveal’ of Bitcoin-creator Satoshi Nakamoto’s identity. As the countdown timer ticked down, few believed the site would deliver on its promise. But did it? And did we get any proof?

The Build Up – Potential Candidates

The only person who has ‘fessed up to being Satoshi Nakamoto thus far is (Dr) Craig Wright. The BBC and several other media outlets even went so far as to claim he had proved it. Despite his ‘proof’ being debunked, he even seems willing to testify as such in a court of law. But the number of people who believe his claim can be counted on the fingers of one hand… with most of the fingers amputated.

And the Twitter feed clearly states that it isn’t Craig Wright, which ironically IS proof enough for almost everyone.

Just yesterday a theory emerged, that Satoshi was in fact incarcerated drug-runner turned US informant, Paul Solotshi Calder Le Roux. Allegedly he created Bitcoin purely to launder money. Our old…

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