The youngest US billionaire to go public with his BTC purchase is philanthropist Bill Pulte, who wants to promote crypto adoption.

“I recently bought 11 bitcoins,” is a phrase that many of us would love to pronounce and that Bill Pulte, a billionaire, shares with his 1.75 million followers on Twitter. Bill Pulte is the director of Pulte Capital Partners, one of the directors of Pulte Homes, and the billionaire who gives money and cars to people on Twitter. He is also the grandson of the billionaire founder of housing giant PulteGroup (PHM), which has a $ 10.9 billion market cap.

Now, like many other billionaires, consoles are joining the crypto community. With effect from December 12, 2019, he announced that it had purchased 11 BTC. Through social media, especially Twitter, Pulte promotes the well-being of the poor and wants to change the world. The use of BTC could certainly prove to be an effective way to bring about change.

The billionaire said on Twitter:

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