PRESS RELEASE. With Round 1 Fully Sold Out, Investors scramble to get on board of Securypto IEO. In a world where datahacks have become the norm rather than the exception, anonymity has become a necessity. Securypto project is making headlines across major news media for its remarkable innovative approach to encrypted messaging.

As the security expert and the Lead Dev of Securypto pointing out:

It’s not just WhatsApp, almost everything connected to the internet is at risk of cyberattacks. That’s what easily can be concluded following continuation news about the messaging platforms been targeted by spywares and hacks. The unfortunate reality is that most messaging apps have vulnerabilities that can be exploited by sophisticated cyber spies, No messaging service is bulletproof”

The Securypto story – Rise of the underdog

Amid the hype of countless ICOs of projects without a product or even a use case in 2018, Securypto went against the grain and kept the focus on delivering a working product…

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