The Importance of Crypto Education, Awareness and Inclusivity to LBank | by LBank Exchange | LBank | Jul, 2022

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The Importance of Crypto Education, Awareness and Inclusivity to LBank

Regardless of the industry, education is a major factor in staying ahead of the curve. But in a rapidly evolving field like crypto, it is necessary for businesses or people to stay on top of trends and innovations in their respective niches.

As crypto becomes more pervasive and accessible, effective crypto education will become increasingly important for maintaining market confidence.

LBank, one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges, offers educational content in the form of master classes, video tutorials, written content and meetups to enable its users to become better informed about the crypto space.

Crypto awareness is essential because it allows LBank to effectively communicate and engage with its customers by answering any questions about blockchain technology or how they can use cryptocurrencies more safely.

Since its inception in 2015, the exchange has immersed itself into pioneering the campaign for education, awareness and inclusivity to facilitate a wider crypto adoption.

Recent market surveys show that many enthusiasts desire to learn about the industry as much as possible. Prospective users are not left out as they want to be educated about blockchain and cryptocurrencies before diving into the space.

These birthed the initiative for the recent global educational campaign, which the LBank team spread around over 15 countries are pivoting across all regions.

The LBank Show, the African Masterclasses, the Twitter learning program — #LearnWithLBank and the global meetups, are some of the many efforts the exchange has made towards creating awareness and educating people about the crypto sphere.

What’s more, the leading trading platform recently partnered with one of the foremost crypto training institutions — Crypto University, to create awareness for blockchain, the metaverse, Web3 and digital assets.

LBank’s Vision for Massive Crypto Adoption

LBank believes that without education, more people cannot be drawn to the space and without creating awareness, individuals will not know or be involved. Additionally, without inclusivity, the vision for massive adoption will not be achieved.

This reiterates the need for the three factors to be placed on the priority list for all crypto businesses as they are considered the most important elements.

Crypto Education: One of LBank’s objectives is to educate the public about the benefits of cryptocurrency and why they should explore a world where money can be sent without anyone needing to know who you are and without any geographical boundaries.

Awareness: The exchange has in many ways, engaged its users and the public in a bid to sensitise, inform and build consciousness for and about the blockchain and crypto space. LBank and its team has put in work to ensure its users feel a sense of legitimacy and security when using the platform. As a result, the exchange has been working day in and day out for the past few years, trying so hard to make its clientele happy with the services it provides.

Inclusivity: LBank is building an ecosystem where no region or individual is left out. In other words, it has standardised the crypto trading entry pathway in a way that people of all backgrounds have a chance at becoming involved in this new economy.

LBank strives to make crypto more inclusive for everyone. Its vision is to bridge the gap between high finance and the greater public.

Altogether, LBank is committed to providing the best crypto education and awareness for its customers, investors, experts, developers and contributors.

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