After a disastrous 2018, the current year seems to be a much kinder one towards crypto prices. Bitcoin (BTC) is once again a hot topic, and thousands of new accounts are joining its networks. Not to mention that the coin has managed to grow quite a lot in the past several months. However, there are many out there, in the crypto industry, who believe that this is only the beginning — an early stage of a massive boost that has yet to come and launch Bitcoin’s price to the moon.

These are the people known as Bitcoin bulls, and they have many reasons to believe that BTC is only getting started.

Why is Bitcoin more valuable than it might seem

One of the reasons why BTC might reach a far bigger price than the one it currently sees is the fact that it had done it before. There is hardly a need to remind anyone that the coin had a price of $20,000 per unit less than a year and a half ago. While the surge was sudden, hype-driven and the following correction caused the entire year-long crypto winter, it displayed some of Bitcoin’s…

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