Founded in July 2011 by Jesse Powell (Present CEO), Kraken is renowned to be one of the most widely accepted and oldest cryptocurrency platforms. Kraken, which has its base in San Francisco, was officially launched as an exchange platform in September, 2013. One of the landmark achievements of this platform was in 2014 when it was listed by the Euro trade volume as number one exchange after it established the first valid cryptographic proof of reserves audit system.

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Another feat achieved by Kraken was Bloomberg’s listing of it in the same year 2014 due to its growth and reputation of being a secure platform for cryptocurrency traders. The exchange has retained an international attraction as it cuts across several regions serving their customers in North America (US & Canada), Asia and Europe. Kraken has been leading the exchange market because of its deals with numerous fiat currencies such the US Dollar, the Japanese Yen, the British Pound, the Euro and Canadian Dollar.

The platform has been tough and strong…

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