TheMerkle_Paypal Horror Stories

Every year, there are billions of transactions that are made online. The rise of e-commerce is just really pushing for more transactions to be made online. Because of this, many businesses are figuring out the best and most convenient ways to make transactions.

PayPal is one of the popular digital wallets out there that are used by many. This year, there are already over 170 million active accounts on this platform. This is popular to many freelancers and business owners too.

PayPal has been around since the year 1999 but its first public offering was in 2002. As of today, PayPal already processes over 300 million USD worth of payment with over 5 million transactions each day. Many use this platform for online purchases, most especially for eBay users.

Aside from purchasing goods, PayPal users can also spend their funds on online gambling. There are now many online casinos that allow players to make a deposit using their PayPal accounts. Information about online casinos with this option can be found on CasinoGuide’s top-rated…

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