ICOs were the hottest funding option for new startups in 2017. But as time went on, the ICO space became flooded with scams and failed projects that diminished the investor’s trust. Also, new regulations on ICOs also made many projects abandon this funding method. Fortunately, ICOs are not the only available option.

There are several ICO alternatives that can be used to gather the funds you need for your project’s development.


A Security Token Offering (STO) is like an ICO, but one that is fully SEC compliant. The start-ups that launch an STO declare their tokens as securities upfront. STOs can be divided into Reg D (available to institutional investors only) and Reg S, which is for STOs that are held outside of US borders.

Reg A+ is the most sought after category as retail investors are able to contribute. Several projects such as Gab.ai and Knowbella are expecting their Reg A+ approval. Examples of STOs are Polymath and Corl.


The Interactive Initial Coin Offering (IICO) is a unique model proposed by Vitalik…

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Source: https://thebitcoinnews.com/the-best-ico-alternatives-to-watch-out-for/