While basically any new year starts like this, the year 2020, in particular, has many businesses and brands looking to attract new people. This is also true for exchanges. Today, Josip Heit will tell us what he thinks about trading in 2020.

It’s a new decade and many people are looking to make major changes in their lives or to gather new experiences, so businesses are looking for new ways to attract potential customers. For example, tokens, which are commonly issued during the opening phase of most crypto/blockchain projects, often attract many new users since their interest is sparked by them.

While there are many exchanges that have existed for decades, the number of exchanges is rapidly increasing. Considering that exchanges are used to trade coins and fiat money and that amount of coins is also growing each day, this makes sense. Existing exchanges don’t really have a way to cope with the sheer number of cryptocurrencies.

The following are some of the top exchange platforms for your coins in 2020:

First off,…

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