The Tangle Universe Project currently has more than 70 Listing-Partner from all over the world. These Listing-Partner come from the areas: Applications, Exchanges, Events, Developers, Projects & Services and Supporters. We appreciate your free registration and your listing here.

We have now set up an Advisory Board for this project. This board should provide helpful support for important issues. Ultimately, half of the board will be made up of personalities and know-how from the IOTA, Tangle environment, and half of the personalities of the user environment. But before that happens, of course we are working hard on the realization of Tangle Universe BETA 2.0.

We are very happy to welcome the following persons to our new Advisory Board, which we present in alphabetical order. That’s a great start. Many thanks for participating in the board:

  • Kumar Anirudha, CEO Acyclic Labs: building decentralised infrastructure platforms and applications at Acyclic Labs. Running an open innovation community at Blockchained India.
  • Silje…

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