Nomad Bridge incident analysis. Tl;dr: Building a better crypto… | by Coinbase | Aug, 2022

From The Coinbase Blog. Tl;dr: Building a better crypto ecosystem means building a better, more equitable future for us all. That’s why we are...

news of the crypto market and HitBTC platform!

From HitBTC. Cryptocurrency Market:BTC’s price on 30th June was $20 033ETH’s price on 30th June was $1 088The main market players continue negative dynamics.But...

What are Bridges? Illicit use of bridges | by Coinbase | Apr, 2022

From The Coinbase Blog. By Heidi Wilder, Special Investigations Manager & Tammy Yang, Blockchain ResearcherPart 1: What are Bridges? Bridge Basics, Facts, and StatsIllicit...


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