Review: The Corazon Trezor by Gray Is Made of Titanium

Hardware wallets don’t have to look beautiful – they just have to work. The Corazon by Gray is a silver titanium device that happens to deliver on both counts. USB hardware has never looked or felt so good in your

Venezuelan Mining Parts Supplier Coincoin Now Accepts Bitcoin Cash

Venezuela is among those nations where cryptocurrencies enjoy faster adoption. The South American country suffers from a political and economic crisis causing hyperinflation of the national fiat, the bolivar. Coincoin, a mining equipment supplier based in Caracas, is one of

Five Keys to Inner Strength From Five Years in Prison

October 1, 2018, marked five years since I was imprisoned. My physical surroundings today are ironically similar to what they were after my arrest back in 2013. I’m in the SHU again (Special Housing Unit, aka “the hole”). It means

Bitcoin History Part 12: When No One Wanted Your BTC

Today, bitcoin is so precious that its hodlers are prone to locking their keys away inside nuclear bunkers, bank vaults, and military grade hardware wallets. But things weren’t always that way. Back in the early days, bitcoin was deemed so

WeChat Plans to Stop Merchants From Transacting in Cryptocurrencies

WeChat, the #1 messaging app in China, is also widely used for cryptocurrency transactions. Recently, WeChat Payment has revised the “WeChat Agreement for Payment Service,” which involves the control and regulation of illegal transactions, including cryptocurrency transactions. The revised agreement

EOS May Slash Inflation and Burn $100 Million of Unused Crypto

The EOS community is pressing for the cryptocurrency’s annual inflation rate to be reduced. Right now, EOS experiences a yearly inflation rate of 5%, which could rapidly devalue the token. But thanks to a new campaign, EOS could see its

Bitcoin tycoon Silbert kicks off ad campaign against ‘overpriced metal’ gold

Grayscale Investments, a subsidiary of Digital Currency Group, launched a provocative ad campaign on Wednesday, challenging investors’ traditional beliefs around gold investing. Employing social-media hashtags like #DropGold, the campaign attempts to challenge the yellow metal’s place in an investor’s portfolio,