3 Reasons to be Excited About Switcheo Enabling NEO/EOS Swaps

In the cryptocurrency world, decentralization is finally starting to take center stage again. Albeit long overdue, it seems some projects are finally coming together. Switcheo introduces its atomic swaps on NEO and EOS this week. A very prominent development which

Tear Down This Paywall: Lumi Wallet free EOS account giveaway

Lumi Wallet takes another step towards becoming the premier wallet for the EOS blockchain, celebrating the recent adoption of a new cryptocurrency with a massive giveaway for its users, bestowing them with 1,000 EOS accounts worth $5,000 in partnership with

Report Shows that 75% of EOS Transactions Are Made by Bots

According to a report made by AnChain.AI indicates that over $6 million worth of transactions on the EOS platform were executed by bots. The AnChain.AI tech firm which offers AI-based security to blockchain ecosystems has stated that bot activity has

3 key Observations Regarding the Current State of EOS dApps

Many people in the cryptocurrency industry have high expectations for dApps. While these applications might someday gain a mainstream appeal, that is far from the case at this time. A new report by Anchain.ai confirms there are some interesting statistics

Loom Network Review: Introduction to LOOM

If you’ve been passionate about crypto and blockchain technology, then there’s a good chanceyou already know that scalability is one of most pressing issues that blockchain sphere faces.Of course, there are numerous blockchain projects that have been designed specifically tocounteract

This Week in Cryptocurrency: June 7th, 2019

Cryptocurrency market update: Cryptocurrency markets saw a slight correction this week, however, some tokens still saw their time in the sun. The losers: Bitcoin down 4%, Ethereum down 3%, EOS down 16.44%. The winners: Litecoin is up 7.55%, Tron up

New Report Finds DApps Useless – EOS Users Are Mostly Bots

The majority of blockchain DApps, including EOS, are clunky, slow, and struggling to attract users. Now, according to a shocking report by AnChain, they’re also rife with bot traffic. Blockchain DApps Struggling to Attract Users The vast majority of blockchain

Block.one unveils EOS-powered social media platform

Block.one, the company that developed the EOSIO platform, is developing its own social network, Coindesk has reported. The start-up unveiled the new platform on Saturday, saying that it was called Voice. Block.one indicated that the platform would take different approach

Tether Launches Stablecoin on EOS Blockchain

Tether has announced that it will be issuing its USDT stablecoin on the EOS blockchain in partnership with Block.one Tether Adds EOS to Ethereum and TRON Launch In a press statement issued on its website, Tether announced that EOS is