Bcoin Developers Release Cross-Chain Atomic Swap Application

Technology & Security On Friday, Nov. 16, the developers behind the full node projects Bcoin and Bcash announced an application that allows users to complete cross-chain atomic swaps between both the BCH and BTC chains. The Bcoin programmers have also

Report: Censorship-Prone EOS ‘Needs to Re-Architect Its Infrastructure’

Altcoins EOS, the $4 billion blockchain project developed by Dan Larimer, has been savaged in an exhaustive new review. The 17,000-word report, based on extensive laboratory testing, concludes that EOS’s real-world throughput isn’t much better than Ethereum’s and that its

Bitcoin skid continues, hits 13-month low

Bitcoin prices are continuing to move lower on Monday as the downbeat sentiment in the digital asset community persists. Coming off a week that saw the world’s largest digital currency plummet through $6,000, bitcoin prices have shed another 5% on Monday,

Major Venezuelan Department Store Chain Accepts Cryptocurrency

Economics The people of Venezuela have been forced to cope with an increasingly difficult economic situation in recent years. This has led to a loss of trust in government-issued fiat by the population in a way that many believe exemplifies

ABC Wins Race to BCH Ticker (At Least on Huobi)

Over the past week, all eyes have been on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hardfork and the hash war between competing factions ABC and SV. Now, ABC has won the war on one major trading platform. According to an official tweet

Cryptocurrency Markets Consolidate Near 2018 Low

Market Updates The drama surrounding the recent Bitcoin Cash fork has comprised the catalyst for significant action across the cryptocurrency market, with both BCH and BTC posting new lows for 2018 on Nov. 15. Meanwhile, XRP has again overtaken ETH

Markets Update: Traders Expecting Major BCH Action When Exchanges Open

Market Updates It’s been a pretty hectic week for cryptocurrency enthusiasts as the infamous Bitcoin Cash hash war has unfolded. Overall, the cryptocurrency economy has lost billions since our last markets update, with the entire market worth roughly $188 billion