Blockchain in the Public Sector: Where’s the Impact?

Blockchain is best known for its ability to support cryptocurrencies and dapps, but the number of blockchain applications continues to increase as the technology becomes more advanced. At the same time, the user base is also evolving. Governments are beginning

Blockchain Utilities Will Transform the Energy and Water Markets

The energy sector is undergoing a huge shift, as the world starts to realize the damage caused by fossil fuels. More countries than ever before are looking to renewable energy, and ways of reducing dependence on finite resources such as

Three of the Best Crypto-Friendly Currency Accounts for 2019

The advent of blockchain and cryptocurrency has seen several industries disrupted like never before, including finance. Notoriously resistant to change on any real scale, finance has always been seen as a tough industry to bring new ideas into, but blockchain

More Than Money: Bitcoin Blockchain As Global Data Verification System

On the Bitfury blog, Executive Vice Chairman, George Kikvadze, delivers a use-case for the Bitcoin blockchain as a security layer. In an ever digital world, why do we still rely on paper documentation for our most important pieces of information?

Bytecoin Forks Paving the Way for Amethyst Upgrades

On Friday May 17, Bytecoin, one of the oldest privacy coins in the crypto space, successfully underwent a scheduled hardfork and poised itself to integrate a number of features and platform improvements that were part of the platform’s Amethyst update.

Ethereum 2.0 Receives $30M of Investments

The Ethereum Foundation has posted in their official blog that they intend to allocate $30 million in funds to the development of various parts of the Ethereum project, including Plasma and the Ethereum 2.0 upgrade. According to the post, The

Israeli Court Rules Bitcoin Is an Asset

An Israeli court has ruled that bitcoin is an asset, confirming the central bank’s stance. The case involves the country’s tax authority and the founder of a blockchain startup who argues that profits from the sale of cryptocurrency should be