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13 drops and a Mystery Mint to collect!

From the Rarible blog. ...

What Do Lionel Messi and Huobi have in Common? Valentine’s Day NFTs

From the Hyobi blog. On Valentine’s Day, international football superstar Lionel Messi sent his wife Antonella Rocuzzo Cupid NFTs and a Cupid Love Rose,...

How to Buy Virtual Assets With Fiat Currencies – Huobi Blog

From the Hyobi blog. Go to Rewards Hub to win up to 5,672 USDT rewards! >>Web click here >> APP click here >>Fiat Trade now Web 1. Quick Buy/Sell The first method to buy virtual assets is Quick Buy/Sell. Please make sure that the coins will be credited to you before confirming your order. Huobi will freeze the coins and credit them to your account once the seller confirms the transaction. You will receive the coins in your Wallet on the Assets page. We will screen every transaction automatically for security reasons to detect any suspicious trades. Note that all Huobi advertisers must complete KYC verification before they can offer buy/sell services on the platform. The verification process, which includes facial recognition, is put in place to give you a secure trading experience. Advertisers are required to deposit funds as collateral to get their identity verified, which makes trading even safer. Making P2P transactions outside Huobi may expose you to various risks. We encourage you to use only Huobi to safeguard your transactions. 相关 This article came directly from the Hyobi Global blog, found on https://blog.huobi.com/how-to-buy-virtual-assets-with-fiat-currencies/

Tezos Aggregation is Live on Rarible!

From the Rarible blog. ...


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