Switzerland, a nation that’s been quite positive towards crypto business, is facilitating the integration between its traditional financial sector and the blockchain industry. With greater regulatory clarity and stability coming, established banks are plucking up the courage to offer digital asset products and services helped by local fintechs.

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Century-Old Swiss Bank Provides Clients With Crypto Storage and Transaction Solutions

Crypto banking has been expanding through partnerships within the industry, but it’s also promising to see a growing number of inter-sector projects with the involvement of established financial institutions. The latest example was provided by 130-year-old Swiss bank Julius Baer and the newly licensed crypto bank SEBA. The well-known wealth manager announced it’s launching new services related to cryptocurrencies. The offerings stem from a partnership with SEBA Bank AG, a Switzerland-based entity that was granted

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Source: https://news.bitcoin.com/swiss-bank-julius-baer-offers-new-digital-asset-services/