According to a recent study on crypto asset storage and passwords, a survey that polled over 1,000 digital currency owners shows 39.7% have forgotten their passwords. The study produced by indicates that users unable to recover their passwords lost an average of $2,134.

Survey Polls 1,000 US Crypto Owners, Respondents Invest $7,245 on Average

Since the inception of Bitcoin in 2009, a number of people have lost coins along the way and this has spread to the myriad of crypto assets in existence today. Just recently, researchers at published a study that polled 1,021 cryptocurrency owners residing in the United States.

Survey Shows 40% of US Crypto Owners Forget Their Password, 20% Write Passwords on Paper

The study called “Coin Storage Security: A Closer Look at Crypto Storage and Passwords” shows that 39.7% of cryptocurrency owners had lost their password at one time. On the positive side, 95.6%% were able to regain access to their crypto investments, but on average those who could not…

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