sunday bitcoin digest

2020 arrived with a bang this week, although the 100,000 revelers who paid for a ticket to the firework display in London complained that they didn’t see it because of the smoke… from the fireworks. Experts blamed a lack of wind, something that is sorely needed on the other side of the globe where too much wind is hampering efforts to control the unprecedented Australian bushfires. AS$20 million has been raised in just 48 hours to support our friends down under, and you can even donate bitcoin to the cause.

Bitcoin Price: A Week Of Down And Then Up
Bitcoin seemed to be ending 2019 on a bit of a lull, started to get the January blues, and then picked up again just in time for the weekend.
At $7400 early in the week, analysts suggested that the rangebound BTC price needed to break through $7800 to signal a new bullish trend.

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